Byron McCorriston

I am an Independent with moderate views. I believe we as the people should be afforded the rights that follow the constitution and freedoms of such.


I believe that every resident deserves the opportunity to be successful. It is our job as leaders in our community, to make those opportunities available. From economical sustainability to ecological sustainability, and everything in between. We can rebuild Hawaii to a place that has a strong foundation outside of tourism.

Crime rates and safety are a great concern for our communities across all the islands. Finding solutions to mitigate issues to ensure the peace we had of the yesteryear.

I feel that our focal points need to be specific to Hawaii and creating a better version of Hawaii, rich in our culture and full of Aloha. Hawaii is not lost, but we need to bring back our culture to the forefront of our policies and procedures. 

Having transparency in government, oversights, and checks and balances with morally sound people are pivotal to our growth.

Affordable housing and homelessness is an issue that plagues Hawaii. Creating logical solutions to ease the burden is key in easing the crisis.

I believe together we can create a better Hawaii.


Byron McCorriston


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